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Follow You Ring - Gold

Follow You Ring - Gold

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A fusion of style and symbolism, crafted to protect you on your journey. This adjustable ring, made with stainless steel with 3 layers of gold plating, boasts dimensions of 1.2 x 2 cm. Its textured band adds depth and character, creating a captivating backdrop for the focal point of the design.

At its center lies the ancient symbol of the evil eye, intricately drawn to ward off negativity and bestow blessings upon its wearer. With its watchful gauze, it serves as a powerful talisman, guiding you on your path and safeguarding you from harm.

Main material: stainless steel, gold plating.

Ring type: adjustable.

Jewelry size: 1.2 x 2 cm.

Our jewelry is waterproof and hypoallergenic.

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