About Us

At BR Jewelry, we are more than a jewelry and semi-jewelry brand - our jewelry is a symbol of lightness, movement and authenticity, awakening the unique beauty that exists in each of us.

Our story begins in Londrina, when Bruna, our founder, started selling only to her closest friends and little by little discovered her passion for entrepreneurship. Little by little the brand gained a name and became a reference for quality and authenticity. Today BR Jewelry is a Brazilian brand that is successful in GRINGA! also based in Byron Bay, one of Australia's most charming and fascinating cities.

Our values

Every woman deserves to fully embrace herself, and our jewelry is created to inspire self-love and confidence. Join us on this journey of authentic beauty and discover the power of BR Jewelry jewelry.

Value natural beauty.
Value self-love.
Value nature.
Value the simple moments.

markets || pop ups || collabs

Our brand has achieved success across borders, especially in Australia.

We are present in Pop Ups "all around" Australia, in several cities such as Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. People from all over the world are enchanted by the elegance and authenticity of our pieces.

It is through our events and partnerships that we are able to provide these moments in a creative and genuine way.

Today, we have our pieces on display at Casa B, Kia Ora Perfumaria in Londrina and Frangipani Spa in Australia.