Como cuidar de suas peças e garantia

How to care for your parts and warranty


Our pieces are free of nickel in their composition, a metal commonly found in jewelry and known for causing skin irritation and allergic reactions. We use metal plated with:

  • 18k gold with 10 thousandths
  • White Rhodium


To ensure the longevity and shine of your BR Jewelry pieces, follow these essential guidelines:

- Avoid wearing your items while bathing, at the beach or in the pool. Remove the rings when washing your hands or applying alcohol gel.
- Sweat can accelerate the oxidation of pieces, so avoid using them during physical activities.
- Avoid contact with perfume, sunscreen, creams and cleaning products, as these can oxidize them and leave them dull. Wait for body products to dry completely before putting on your jewelry to avoid chemical reactions.
- When cleaning your parts, use warm water and neutral liquid soap. Never use liquid or gel alcohol or other cleaning products. Dry them well with a towel and dryer.

- Handle your pieces with care, avoiding drops and bumps. Store them individually to avoid breakages, dents or scratches.
- When storing your jewelry, choose dry and clean places, away from light and moisture, such as the bathroom sink.


BR Jewelry products are manufactured to a high standard of quality and design, and all have a six-month warranty. However, some basic care is necessary, as described above in 'Parts Care'.

In the event of a manufacturing defect noticed upon first contact with the product, BR Jewelry will carry out the necessary treatment.

The guarantee covers the maintenance of the bath and stones (setting) that may become loose during the guaranteed period. The deadline for returning the repaired part is up to 30 working days, and the shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer.

Defects caused by breakage, dents and scratches are not covered by the warranty. If you need assistance or repair on your parts, please contact us. However, the cost of repair and shipping will be your responsibility.


To prevent deterioration or damage to your jewelry, it is necessary to remove any dirt or chemical buildup that may react negatively with the metals in your jewelry piece. To clean your BR Jewelry piece at home, it is recommended to dip it in warm water and neutral soap and gently use a very soft toothbrush, rubbing it over the piece and then drying it with a cloth. We also offer jewelry polishing cloths upon request.

For any questions or assistance, please contact us by email at We are here to help!

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